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California Radhakalyanam - 2024

      Gnanananda Seva Samajam Inc. USA is a non-profit,with the primary objective to promote prayers, devotional songs, and philanthropic services to humanity.

       Gnanananda Seva Samajam Inc. USA is exempt from Federal Income Tax under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS. GSS is organized for religious and charitable purposes. To help maintain cultural and traditional awareness, this organization will help to promote prayers and devotional songs (Dhakshina Sampradaya Naamasankeerthanam) amongst individuals in North America and to instill Guru Bhakthi (devotion to a Guru) by preaching the gospels of Sathguru Gnanananda Swami and by performing Paaduka Pooja (prayers to the lotus feet of the Guru).

This organization will also organize charitable performances by local artists and artists from abroad. Funds raised will be used for the relief of the Poor, the Distressed, and the Underprivileged. Funds will also be used to assist humanity during Natural Calamities.

Donate Liberally

1. Annadhanam (Suggested Minimum Donation) - $101
2. Donate as much you can 


Credit Card

Donate to our Perpetual Poor Feeding Fund

             If you prefer to send us a check, please make your check payable to “Gnanananda Seva Samajam Inc. USA” and mail it to: 1144 S Shields Ave Mountain House, CA 95391. Please include a note with your Name, Address, Email and Phone number.

Your contributions to Gnanananda Seva Samajam Inc. USA (A non-profit tax exempt organization Tax ID 45 - 4177767 are tax deductible.

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